On the Issues

As your State Representative, here are some of my priority issues for the upcoming legislative session:

Creating Jobs and Opportunities for Economic Growth
Small businesses are the engine of job creation. To get this economy moving again we must have a renewed focus on small businesses and startup companies. We need legislation like the “JOBS Bill of 2010” that focuses on small businesses, works to attract needed capital for startup businesses, and keeps government out of the way.

I will work to make Georgia a more competitive environment to attract job creators.

Eliminating Government Waste
In times like these, we all have to make the tough decisions when it comes to our budget, and government should be no different. During these challenging economic times, conservatives at our Capitol have made significant cuts to our state budget and have made government leaner and more efficient. The next step is to pass the “Sunset Bill.”

I will work with other legislators to eliminate government waste in the upcoming session.

Reduce the Tax Burden
Over-taxation stifles entrepreneurial spirit and cripples our small businesses. We must be diligent in looking for ways to cut taxes on our job creators and our hard working citizens.

I will work towards a fair, consumption-based sales tax to replace the state income tax.

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights
The 2nd Amendment ensures the preservation of the rest of our Constitutional Rights. As a gun owner, I will be vigilant in my efforts to defend this right from any and all efforts to undermine or restrict this American freedom.

I will work to defend our Constitutional right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Public Safety
For the past 3 years I have overseen the Paulding County Public Safety Appreciation Day, and I am proud to honor the men and women who serve our community. As an outspoken advocate for our public safety community, I will always take care of our first responders and our law enforcement.

I will work to ensure that these men and women who make sacrifices every day are properly funded, equipped, and trained.

Protect Life
I am 100% pro-life and believe life begins at conception. The primary role of government is to protect life, and I firmly believe that this responsibility includes the unborn, the sick, and the elderly.

I will not waiver in this position, and I will work to support any measure that improves the protection of innocent life in the State of Georgia.

A 1st Rate Education for Our Children
We must ensure a quality education at all levels for every student in Georgia to compete in both the local and global market. A 1st rate education requires commitment from our parents, teachers, administrators, and our elected officials.

As your next State Representative, I will work to engage parents, employers, educators and administrators in this discussion. And most importantly, I will continue to seek input from residents of the district as we work together to prepare our children for their futures.